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Now is the time to continue building the immune system for fall with lots of orange vegies, onions, garlic, and dark greens. It is also an excellent time to do fall cleansing. Go to your personal supplement company accounts and check out their purification and detoxification programs. Choose the one that makes sense to you and give your self a good fall cleansing.

Standard Process has an excellent 10 day Detox program and an excellent 28 day program. (Do not use ice.)

Nutridyn also has the UltraClear and other programs plus 15% off all products until September 30, 2018. (Do not use ice.)

HerbDoc carries Dr.Schultz's Liver and Intestinal cleanse.

If you do not have an account - click "supplements" and register with Standard Process, NutriDyn, HerbDoc, and Wellevate. If you need assistance choosing a cleanse, email the clinic or talk to your health care provider.



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The Westside clinic manual, The 12 Elixirs, is available through


Amazon, Balboa Press, and Barnes & Noble


Over 500 pages of easy to read information that is designed to help you become more effective at self care and a more effective consumer of health care.



What people are saying about The 12 Elixirs:


" encyclopedic reference for both patients and doctors. It is well written with practical suggestions for multiple health concerns."    Dr.Richard Mayfield - Faculty member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, IFM.

"Here is an amazing book. It's a road map for taking responsibility for your own health and healing using the best of current research on holistic healing coupled with ancient knowledge and herbal wisdom. Enjoy!"     Dr.Katherine Curran, President- Resources for Creative Change, Adj.Professor St.Catherines University - Leadership Institute.

"A phenomenal job. I love it, love it, love it!"   Dr.Jay Wilson, Wilson Holistic Health.   

"Oh, my! This is priceless! It is beautifully done, well written, organized and easy to understand. Thank you!"   A.L.W.


"The book is so great - a real experience to read. She has given us all a true gift of healing and wholeness."   S.W.


"I have been reading the book - I love the way she writes, as if talking with you - nice!!! And, /she/ gives many reasons /as to/ why things are happening in the body - very helpful."    J.K.


"My mind is blown! Well written and intriguing. The health book everyone needs to read."   Angela,  5 star Amazon review


"This book is just wonderful."    JS

"The 12 Elixirs is a unique and inspiring owner's manual of natural care for our greatest treasure to us, our bodies. Dr. Riabokin, a holistic doctor of chiropractic medicine with over thirty years of helping people heal and stay well, has given us a tremendous gift to our health and our lives. Rather than a book of disease symptoms and prescriptions, it is a celebration of the harmonious workings of the human body as they were created to be.
Dr. Riabokin shares her compilation of wisdom for wellness for which she humbly credits her teachers and mentors along with the legacy of traditional medicine handed down for generations. With gentle humor, she instructs and encourages readers to drop the bad habits and misconceptions that are now so accepted in our culture, even amongst the medical establishment, and listen to our bodies in order to decipher what they are saying to us.  She covers seemingly harmless nuisances to serious debilitating problems, reminding us that, left unattended to, the former can become the latter. Chapters on each stage of life from birth to death highlight common concerns, misunderstandings, and diseases, which Dr. Riabokin explains with a clear knowledge, offering practical remedies which are within our scope to apply. The unifying theme of her book, the twelve elixers, are the basic aspects we all require for our optimum health (e.g., breathing, water, food, sleep, movement, etc.), and she tells us how to practice them properly so that they can function marvelously as they should. Scattered throughout are intriguing case studies and her charming illustrations. Amidst the uproar over national health insurance and ever-rising cost of health care and numbers of those in need of it, Dr. Riabokin’s professional advice is plain: Respect the beautiful harmony of bodies and honor inherent powers for healing and we will have a long life of well-being that is our birthright."    Rev. Sue Whiteman, Faith in Books review.   

At Westside, we believe  in  a natural approach to health maintenance, disease prevention, and the treatment of disease. 

The body is designed to heal itself, PROVIDED its functions are not interfered with, and it is given what it needs to do the job. Reaching optimal health is possible. Achieving optimal health with due respect to each individual's circumstances and with respect to the short and long term effects of our actions upon ourselves, our children, and our planet, is our goal.

Westside has served its patients as a wholistic health clinic since 1983.

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Education is key for the prevention and treatment of injury and disease.

(All content of this website is for historical and educational purposes only. If you have a health problem see a qualified health care provider. It is assumed that if you utilize any of the recommendations presented herein that you do so with a basic modicum of common sense and that you agree to take full responsibility for your actions.)

Consider the following:

The lives of long lived people of our age are characterized by the following:

- they take few or no pharmaceutical drugs

- they eat moderately

- they live a physically active life

- they have strong social connections

- they eat real food (few or no snack/junk foods)

- they were breast fed as infants 

- they are physically fit with good posture

One should also note that our current centenarians were born and spent their first years in a world where (with few exceptions) the air, water and earth were far less polluted. The soil was more fertile  - imparting more nutrition into the food grown on it. They physically worked much harder but they also spent more time playing and ate a much more varied diet!

When redesigning your life to be healthier please consider :

In other words, one's life should be in balance with the geography and climate wherein one lives. The food and medicines, ideally, are those of one's ancestors and should be combined with local indigenous foods and medicines.  Finally, the lifestyle should be appropriate to one's age and gender. (Women, men,  infants,  prepubescent children, adolescents,  young adults, menstruating - pregnant -and nursing women,  middle aged adults, old folks etc. each have different requirements under which they  flourish best.)

In making changes always be sure to first get the basics down:

1. Fresh air

2. Pure water

3.  Quality food

4.  Daily exercise   

5.  A life of purpose

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