This is the time to build the immune system and prepare for fall cleansing!


    Late summer is Spleen, Pancreas and Stomach time! These organs are sensitive to the emotions of empathy. Excessive amounts of:  worry, preoccupation with cares,  and feeling others' pain, can weaken these organs. Being sympathetic without taking on the emotional tone of others is the safest way to help them. This allows you to preserve your own sanity while assisting those near and dear to you. 

    White sugar, white flour, and eating more fruits than vegetables also weakens these organs. They do love sweet, though! That is their flavor! However, too much or too little sweet is not good. Moderation is key. How does one define moderation? As a society we have overindulged in sweet for many generations. What many consider to be 'moderate' is actually excessive relative to their current state of health. Most imbalances with the immune system, reproductive system, lymphatic system,  and digestive system involve imbalances of sweet flavors. What i see clinically, 99.9% of the time there is a history of too much sweet.  It is best to see your health practitioner to determine where you stand. Once you know your body, you will be able to determine yourself how to balance your sweet foods with the bitter, sour, pungent, and salty in such a way as to bring back and maintain vibrant energy.

    Late summer is a time for reaping the gifts of your garden and preparing for the coming fall and winter. It is an important time for toning up and supporting the immune system as it is the time of year when the spleen and lymphatic system require maintenance and upkeep.

    Continue to eat local and in- season fruits and vegetables. Be careful to avoid overdoing sweets of the refined kind as in excess they will weaken the spleen and its partners - the stomach and pancreas. As August turns into September be sure to eat generously of  orange foods such as carrots, cantaloupe and squash. These foods are high in beta carotene which the body turns into vitamin A - a nutrient important for a healthy immune system. Building your reserves of vitamins A and C protects you from late summer allergies and prepares you for withstanding the fall cold and flu season.

    If you have not been physically active this summer, now is the time to get hoppin! The lymphatic system requires intense muscular work to move the lymph. The contraction and relaxation of muscles moves the lymph like nothing else. Massage is nice and helpful but it is poor at affecting the deep tissue of the body.  Lymph is a waste product produced in all tissues. It drains back up into the circulatory system in the upper chest and thence into the kidneys for removal from the body. Lymph that backs up causes: swollen glands, poor organ function, weak muscles, general sluggishness, fogginess, headaches, irritability, and other such miseries. A backed up lymph system is like having a backed up sewer inside. Not a nice thought. Not a nice feeling. Not a nice smell......So get up and move! Run! Jump! Laugh! Dance! Swim! Bike! Clean!

    Lymphatic health affects every other organ system. In addition to regular intense physical activity it requires generous amounts of these nutrients:

    • Vitamin A    
    •  Vitamin  C    
    •  Water (plain, nothing added, nothing removed)

    As we enter late August and early September be sure to do your thorough fall cleaning. (Like spring cleaning - click on View Archive - Topic - Clean House - Spring cleaning and your health).